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What We Do

Construction of Buildings and Facilities

Between the intention for construction and actually constructing a building there are a lot of different stages of researching, design, collecting necessary documentation, acquiring licenses, choosing the right materials, finding sub constructors, etc. Many different professionals who possess very specific skills are involved in the process.

Outdoor & Indoor Electrical & HVAC installations

We offer constructing, mounting and maintenance of indoor and outdoor Electrical and HVAC installations for residential, business, cultural and industrial buildings. We have invested and continue investing in our skills for Electrical and HVAC installations so we can offer to you the best team of professionals.

Metal Constructions

We offer manufacturing of metal Constructions, installation of metal halls and full project construction. We manufacture metal constructions based on either our clients projects and needs. We choose very carefully the providers of the materials. We provide full time quality control over the manufacturing process and the process of welding.



We are committed

We like what we do. We do our job with pleasure and awareness for the responsibilities we take about you – our clients and the future owners of the buildings we construct for you. That is why we keep an eye for every detail and we insist everything to be done perfectly.

Honest and Dependable

Good relations with clients, employees, partners and subcontractors are laying in the foundation of the smooth working process which is important in order everything to be finished up on time and in the best possible way. Our countless successful projects and happy customers are the real proof.

We are always Improoving

Professional improvement, modern equipment, working with experts, investments in our employees professional skills, that is one of our key principles. The enrichment of our team with excellent professionals and keeping the necessary equipment are guarantee that every project we start will be finished the best possible way.



Aleksandar and Sons LTD deals with construction and construction management. Leave your project in our hands and we will take care of everything, from design and documentation preparation to building the whole project and the control over the whole process. Professionalism always leads to excellent results and saves time and money. Trust us.