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About Us

We are family company “Aleksandar and Sons LTD”. We do construction and construction management. We are based in Velingrad. In 2003 we started with a warehouse for construction materials which gained popularity among the construction companies. Our partners were well known good manufacturers.

In 2006 we expanded our business and we started offering construction management and investment projects management.

In our pursuit for perfection and quality guarantee for the project we founded our construction company. At the beginning we were executing our own projects. Today we can proud with many completed projects.

In “Aleksandar and Sons LTD” work 20 employees. We partner with contractors who had proved their loyalty and skills throughout the years. We have team of professionals for every task.


Taking advantage of our services, you will save time and money because we take care of everything for you, from documentation and research before getting a decision to design, execution and control over the whole process.

We realize the responsibility when you leave your investment project in our hands. That is why we continue to expand our expertise and improving our skills, we invest in our employees and we provide modern technology and quality materials. We know the path for acquiring licensing and documentation and that is why we take care of this time consuming process.

Our work is based on 3 major principles:

  • Loyalty – trust between clients, contractors and subcontractors, correct relations and following a strict deadlines are in the foundation of the good work.
  • Quality – of services and materials, so your building will be in excellent shape for years.
  • Competence – we rely on knowledge and skills in every participant in the construction process. When everyone is doing his job correctly, the final result is inevitably positive.

Our Goals

Creating solid, functional, energy efficient buildings with long exploitation live in which people feel comfortable.

Time, financial and quality optimization for the whole process related with design, legalization and execution of a project no matter if it is residential, commercial, industrial or administrative building.

Keeping correct relations with clients, partners, subcontractors and employees and continuous professional improvement.

We love our job and we do it well. Satisfied customers are making us happy and they refer us to new clients. “Aleksandar and Sons LTD” is a family company and we achieve our goals by following values and principles which keep on family together during the years – loyalty, pursue to improvement, excellent execution for every obligation.


Years in business




  • Research

  • Design

  • Execute

Our Services

Construct Buildings and Facilities

Between the intention for construction and actually constructing a building there are a lot of different stages of researching, design, collecting necessary documentation, acquiring licenses, choosing the right materials, finding sub constructors, etc. Many different professionals who possess very specific skills are involved in the process.

Outdoor & Indoor Electrical & HVAC installations

We offer constructing, mounting and maintenance of indoor and outdoor Electrical and HVAC installations for residential, business, cultural and industrial buildings. We have invested and continue investing in our skills for Electrical and HVAC installations so we can offer to you the best team of professionals.

Metal Constructions

We offer manufacturing of metal Constructions, installation of metal halls and full project construction. We manufacture metal onstructions based on either our or clients projects and needs. We choose very carefully the providers of the materials. We provide full time quality control over the manufacturing process and the process of welding.


We are committed

Honest and reliable

We improve

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