Metal Constructions

We offer manufacture of steel constructions, installation of steel halls and full construction of projects. Full project construction includes the following processes:

  • design
  • development of concrete fundamental and steel construction
  • development and installation of electrical wiring, watering and sewerage and internal manufacturing transportation (cranes, railways, hoists)
  • построяване на фасади, покриви, тавани, козирки, огради и портали construction of facades, roofs, ceilings, fences, viisors

We manufacture steel constructions both for our projects and for client projects. We carefully choose the material distributors. We implement permanent quality control over the manufacturing process and the process of welding.

In which situations metal constructions are used?

Metal constructions have two main applications:

  • Construction of steel halls and warehouses
  • Construction of industrial and commercial buildings

Why the use of metal constructions in these cases is recommended?

Economy. Developing  a warehouse, hall and building of steel constructions takes 30% less time than the traditional construction.
This helps you save money and launch your project more quickly.

Practicality. Using metal constructions for developing building over wide areas is faster and cheaper.

Why you should choose our services when you need metal constructions?

We provide quality workmanship. The whole process of design and construction of  the metal hall or warehouse is our concern. We apply quality control over each process. We choose the best materials for according to your project. We invest in the education and skills of our employees.

We take care of all the necessary documentation. Our experience in construction management will benefit you. Except with the design and development of your building and the supervision of the working process, we will also take care of collecting and compiling all the necessary documents.

We are working correctly and observe professional ethics. The safety and functionality of your building depends on our work and we guarantee you that we are going to fulfill our duties fairly, professionally and what is more importantly, on time.

Call us. Our team at “Aleksandar and Sons”  LTD is at your disposal.