Research, Design, Construct

research-plan-constructBefore we step in to the actual construction of your building, there is a process of thorough research, collection of documents and project design. As a company for construction management we could execute all of these preliminary stages, to provide the necessary documentation for project design and then for starting the construction.


A thorough research is necessary because it helps determine what should be the appropriate building positioning, proves to legal eligibility, etc. In this stage  we develop three different design projects: ideological, technical and working project and then we apply for a design visa. There is a 14 business day waiting period after which the Chief architect of the Municipality issues a design license.


All of the prepared design projects which are part of your funding plan should carry the signatures of the Assignor, Architect, Construction engineer, the specialist who has made the conformity assessment. All documentations should be approved, signed and stamped by the Chief Architect of the Municipality. An application for construction license could be filed alongside or after the design approval. If this application for construction license is not filed within one year the design project would need to pass trough a new approval process.

After research and design stages are over, we collect documentation for construction license. Our professionals will let you know what is required from you and we will do the rest.
In case of rejection in any of the above mentioned stages, we could file an objection within the legal time frames and the project could be edited according to the grounds of refusal.


From the very beginning to the end of the construction process, except the actual work, there is also a number of requirements, additional documentation and licenses. For all of that you would need a professional  to provide a construction supervision and to keep all of the documentations in order.

“Aleksander and Sons” LTD is a company with extensive experience. We are well know with all steps in every stage. Contact us and leave all of the heavy lifting around the construction of your building to us. We will save you time and money and the working process will flow easy and problem free.