Laying of industrial flooring

Industrial flooring concerns safety of your employees and production and facilitating workflow, that is why choosing the right one is not an easy decision. The different industries require different flooring depending on ease of cleaning process, are they slippery or not in certain weather conditions, at what temperature, moisture and mechanical impacts withstand. Also every industrial flooring requires a specific laying technic.

What we offer to you – “Aleksandar and Sons” LTD

Consultation – so you can choose the right flooring for your industry.

Design and installation – our professionals have the right skills and technic to make solid, strong and durable industrial flooring.

Industrial flooring types

You can choose industrial flooring based on:

  • epoxy resins – most widely used industrial flooring
  • reactive acrylic resins – this type of flooring are characterized with easy and fast installation which saves time and reduce costs to your business; they are recommended for smaller areas.
  • polyurethane resins – this type of flooring is often used for covering mosaics and surfaces in outdoor spaces
  • waterproof polyurethane coatings and two component polyurethane coatings for indoor and outdoor spaces – suitable for outdoor balconies, roofs and industrial buildings with high level of moisture
  • self-leveling concrete flooring
  • polished concrete

Why you should work with us?

We are experts in our work. We have experience in laying any kind of industrial flooring. Our teams prepare the fundamental, they apply corrosion protection, measure the strength of the fundamental, fill out gaps and etc.
Everything required for maintaining your floor in excellent condition for a long period.

We have the necessary equipment. Rest assured that everything will be done perfectly.

We will advise you with choosing the right floor. Investment in flooring is not a small one and the right choice depends on the quality of work process and meeting legal requirements. That is why it is best to talk with a specialist.

Contact us in order to discuss what type of floor you need.