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  • Research, Design, Construct

    Before we step in to the actual construction of your building, there is a process of thorough research, collection of documents and project design. As a company for construction

  • Construction of Building and Facilities

    Between the intention for construction and actually constructing a building there are a lot of different stages of researching, design, collecting necessary documentation,

  • Polished Concretes

    Under what circumstances we use polished concrete. It is used for laying a foundation for industrial flooring of any type

  • Laying of industrial flooring

    The choice of industrial flooring is a tough decision which concerns the security of your employees, your production,

  • Turbosol Plastering

    We do Turbosol Plastering and Putties with all of the required technology and well organized team of skilled professionals

  • Thermal and Hydro Insulation

    We offer indoor and outdoor insulation and waterproofing for roofs, walls, balconies in old and new buildings. The choice of materials is our concern,

  • Plastic and Aluminum Window Frames

    We offer delivery and mounting for PVC and aluminium window frames. We work with the best manufacturers in Bulgaria and Europe. Our team of professionals with experience of

  • Outdoor & Indoor Electrical & HVAC Installations

    We offer building, mounting and maintenance of indoor and outdoor Electrical and HVAC installations for residential,

  • Metal Constructions

    We offer manufacturing of metal Constructions, installation of metal halls and full construction of industrial projects. We manufacture steel constructions