Plastic and Aluminium Window Frames

We offer delivery and installation of Plastic and Aluminium Window Frames. We partner with the best manufacturers in Bulgaria and Europe. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who can give you an accurate advice about which brand and what characteristics you should look for.
The choice between plastic or aluminium frames depends on the type of building, the interior of the building, if the windows look to a noisy street, if the building has thermal insulation and of course you budget.

How to determine what is the energy – efficiency of a window frame?

The more chambers the window frame has, the more heat it preserves in the room.
It’s conductivity factor “Uw” should be low. You have to know that this also depends on what type of glassing you will choose.

Which window frame is better, the PVC or the Aluminium one?

People are asking this question very often and our answer is that the efficiency of the window frame depends on many factors.

The PVC frames are cheaper, chances of condensation are lower and it has excellent insulation properties. The downside is that it depreciates more quick and this affects it’s outlook and it’s properties which leads to damage and distortion of the frame.

The Aluminium frames are more sustainable and resistant to any weather conditions. It’s diathermancy is higher, rich color variations are available and maintenance is easier. One of it’s main downsides is that it produces more condensation than the PVC frames unless it has a thermal break.

Why you should choose us?

Quality frames and wide color variations. We partner with the best manufacturers which guarantees you that you can choose from the best quality profiles and you can find the most suitable window frames for your building.

Consultancy services from professionals. We inspect the characteristics of the building and we hep you choose the window frames which best suits your needs.

We provide professional installation. Proper installation and filing the gaps around the window frames is on of the most important factor for a good energy – efficiency. Do not risk to loose the investment in a good quality frames and it’s good energy – efficiency rate because of improper installation.