Construction of Buildings and Facilities

Between the intention for construction and the actual construction of a building or facility there are lots of different stages of research, design, collecting documentation, applying for licenses, choosing the right materials, subcontractors and so on. A lot of professionals in different areas are involved in the process and the jobs they do required specific skills and experience.

We advise you to find a company with experience in projects like yours: residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, industrial buildings.

How can we be helpful  to you – „Aleksandar and Sons“ LTD

Our team has a solid professional experience in constructing buildings and structures of any type and we have all the necessary equipment for the construction process.

Your project gets our full attention and it gets prepared and accomplished according to your investment plan. We are experienced in balancing between technical implementation and cost effective decisions.
We explore the terrain, give you our offer according to your needs and then we proceed to first steps in the construction process. When the construction start and during the whole process we carefully choose the best materials and hire the best subcontractors.

We save your time and money because we take care of everything – from collecting documents, planning ,design, technical supervision, choosing materials, to the moment when there are only finishing touches are remaining.

We are always there ready to consult you and help you get the right decisions for your building or structure. Even though we take care of everything in the process of completing your project there is still decisions which require your approval. Our team of professionals will do their best in order to help you any aspect. They will be already well known with all details around your projects so they can offer you a valuable advice.

Give us a call and we can discuss your intentions. We will build a solid, secured and functional building which you can use for years.