Outdoor and Indoor Electrical & HVAC Installations

We offer construction, maintenance and installation of indoor and outdoor IET and HVAC for residential, cultural, commercial and industrial buildings. We continuously invest in our team so we can offer you the best professionals to take care of your IET and HVAC installations. We always choose materials with the highest quality. Only the combination of a good team of professionals with lot’s of experience and excellent quality materials will guarantee you effective IET and HVAC installations which will save you money from heating, cooling and ventilation bills.

What we offer?

Electrical Installations

Design of Electrical Installations according to all  safety and legal regulations.
Developing indoor and outdoor electrical installations – we offer you to sit back and relax while we take care of everything. We will definitely save you lot’s of time and money.

HVAC Installations

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – Your bills for electricity, your comfort and the microclimate in your building are all dependent on a good and solid HVAC installation.

Our professionals will design your HVAC installation according to all safety and legal regulations. For the investment plan we prepare drawings, schemes, informational notes, calculation notes and if necessary quantitative account. This is followed by the beginning of development process.

We also offer repairs of existing HVAC installations.

Why you should choose the services of “Aleksandar and Sons” LTD?

We have got skills and enough experience to guarantee quality, stable, safe and energy saving Electrical and HVAC installation.
We have gained a lot of experience completing numerous projects and we can offer adequately solution even for the most complex cases.
As we are not only construction company but we also do construction management, we will supervise both the design and development of your Electrical and HVAC installations.

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