Turbosol Plastering

We do turbosol plastering. We have the necessary equipment and well played team consisting of professionals with solid experience. Materials which we use are with  high quality.
We guarantee you turbosol plasters with excellent quality.

What does the working process involves?

We do an inspection and determine what would be the right plaster for your building. We negotiate the deadline.
We organize the whole working process, send team of professionals with the necessary equipment and we perform all of the necessary and negotiated tasks in the the predefined deadline.

We do maintenance of existing plasters too.

Why is better to use professional services?

Making a quality turbosol plaster doesn’t require only a good equipment. You can easily hire such equipment, which guarantees equal spreading of the material.
The material itself is extremely vulnerable by external factors such as weather condition, the right materials ratio, the place you are applying the material to, etc.

Why you should choose us? – “Aleksandar and Sons” LLD

We know what do – our team has professional experience which includes multiple finished plasters. They can react fast and adequate even in unexpected circumstances which guarantees you dry, even and quality paster.

We are working correctly and quickly – we are well known with the responsibility we take for your building. We know that this is a long term investment and the safety, strength, energy efficiency, comfort and the comfort and aesthetic of your home, office, store, hotel depends on our quality work.

We save you time and money – we work as quick as possible and sticking to all of the technical requirements for the materials at the same time. We save you money because we provide quality work. Every mistake in the construction industry leads to expenses either in short or long term. That is why we are trying not make mistakes.

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